Planning to replace locks? 

But what if there’s a more suitable option that’s cost-effective & reasonable? 

Lock rekeying is a process that saves you budget as well as making your locks all working again. 

Many homeowners often get confused between choosing the right option. 

While lock replacement will get new locks for your property, lock rekeying will make your old locks work on new keys. There are certain conditions when the latter is more useful. 

In this article, we will explore them. 

What is Lock Rekeying? 

Lock rekeying is a process where a residential locksmith takes apart a lock and changes the internal pins so they may work on a new set of keys. 

The lock rekeying process is a time consuming one. 

It may require a locksmith to manually remove the lock and change the pins all the while making sure other parts are secure. 

Lock rekeying can be ideal in some scenarios. It’s workable when you’ve a budget constraint or when the locks are a part of your existing home decor. 

However, when you opt-in for lock rekeying, it’s best to hire a trained residential locksmith in NYC for the job. If someone inexperienced is handling it, it’s best you stick with lock replacement only. 

What are the Pros of Lock Rekeying? 

A Quick Fix for Security Breach: Did an intruder recently break-in? If so, then lock rekeying is a quick fix. It’s affordable & you don’t have to pay a high price which you may have paid for lock replacement. 

Doesn’t Require New Hardware: Lock rekeying does not require you to replace old hardware with new one. You don’t have to worry about lock shopping or thinking about which locks will work best for you. 

Cost Effective & Affordable: Lock rekeying is affordable compared to lock replacement. As mentioned above, you save up on the cost of purchasing brand new locks. Just pay the service charges.

No Need to Change Locks Frequently: It will save you from the hassle of finding which company locks are best for you. With lock rekeying, you don’t have to change locks all too frequently. 

When is Lock Rekeying a Good Option? 

When Locks Are in Good Condition: If the locks are pristine, you don’t need to replace them. If it’s only a malfunction, it can be fixed with lock rekeying. Your lock will work on a new set of keys. 

When You’ve Lost Your Keys: Lost your keys? Well you can replace the internal pins on the lock. Lock rekeying enables you to use the locks with a perfectly fresh new pair of keys. 

When You Give Someone Else the Key: Have you given the keys to someone like a maid or a driver whom you recently removed? Lock rekeying can save you the hassle of breaking and entering. 

Factors to Consider When Deciding Lock Rekeying 

  • Start with the budget. Check how much you have for a lock replacement. If it’s not enough, lock rekeying might be a suitable option for you. 
  • Check how old the locks are. If they are from your grandfather’s time, the condition may speak for itself. In such scenarios, opt-in for lock rekeying. 
  • Inspect how much security you need. If things can work out with just an internal pin change job, then lock rekeying is a suitable option. 
  • Lastly, decide on your personal preference. Are you okay with lock rekeying or do you want to get new ones? Decide on what you want. 

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Concluding Thoughts 

Lock rekeying and lock replacement both have their pros and cons. 

If you’re not sure whether lock replacement or lock rekeying is a good option, it’s best that you consult with a professional locksmith in NYC. Our certified locksmith will inspect your locks and provide you with an estimated budget. They will also lay out both options so whichever suits you, you can choose one. 

Dial (646) 762-9069 today and consult a professional locksmith only at THE NYC Locksmith. 

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