Returning home and finding that someone broke into your house can be your worst nightmare. And if you have been through such a situation, you should now plan to make your home secure. So no unwanted people can get into your place. 

But what are the best security practices you can follow? To get started you should get in touch with the police ASAP and get in touch with a locksmith in NYC to repair the damaged locks. What else? Let’s find out in this blog.  

What to Do Right After a Break In? 

Working with Law Enforcement

Right after you know that you had a break call the police asap. When the police arrive they will ask questions, gather evidence and look for witnesses if any. It is important to cooperate with the police and inform them of any relevant data you have. 

Identify the Entry Point 

Now the second step is to try to identify the entry point of the burglar. It can be anything like a broken window, forced door, or anything. This is an important point because it will help you better communicate with the police. Also, you can improve your home security based on this data.  

Document the Scene 

Do not touch or move any object before documenting the scene. Take photographs of everything, including entry points and damaged or misplaced items. It will be helpful when you file your complaint. 

How To Improve Home Security After a Break In?

Strengthen Doors & Windows Locks 

The first step in securing your home is to make sure that your doors and windows have the best locks. You can get smart locks for your doors, improve the deadbolt locks, and get steel-reinforced doors. Also, make sure that your windows and doors are maintained and functioning as intended. And in case you need a lock you should contact a professional locksmith in NYC.  

Install a Security System 

You can feel more at ease and prevent criminals with the help of a home security system. Alarms, window and door sensors, and motion detectors are commonly found in many current security systems.

When choosing a security system, take your budget and specific needs into account. Selecting a trustworthy security provider is essential to guaranteeing correct installation and continuing assistance.

Implement CCTV 

In case you don’t have a CCTV, get one as it can help you keep track of your home with ease. It can help you detect the intruders if anything unwanted happens in the future. 

If you plan to get a security camera, keep the following points in mind: 

  • Video quality 
  • Night vision result 
  • Storage options 

Smart Home Technology

Digitizing your home can also help you improve the security of your home. You can either make your home fully smart or partially smart. To get started you can get devices including smart locks, video doorbells, or smart lighting. 

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More Preventative Measures

Landscaping for Security 

This is an out-of-the-blue opinion, but having a well-maintained garden can also help you with improve security. When you don’t have bushes in your backyard, it will eliminate the areas of hiding for the burglars. You can also install motion-activated lighting to detect any unwanted activity. 

Ask a Neighbor for Help 

A strong and healthy community can also help in eliminating crime. So, make sure that you have a strong connection with your neighbors who can look after your home in case you’re not there. Interacting with your neighbors can help you in promoting a secure community. 

Man’s Best Friend 

Dogs are just like a man’s best friend. They are not just a lovely companion but a valuable asset for your home security. They can quickly alert you or the neighbors with their barking if any intruders try to get in. However, dogs do require special attention so beware of the responsibility before adopting a dog.  

Recovering from the Break-In

Contact Insurance Company 

After reporting the break-in to the police, get in touch with your home insurance company. They will walk you through the claims procedure and let you know what paperwork or proof you need to back up your claim. A more seamless claims process and a quicker resolution can be guaranteed by timely reporting and comprehensive documentation.

Repairing or Replacing Damaged Items

Depending on the incident you may need to repair or replace a few items. For a broken window or door, you can contact carpenters. And you can get in touch with a locksmith in NYC if you need to repair your lock. 

How Can You Secure Your Home After a Break-In? 

In case someone has broken into your home you should first contact the law enforcement agency. Next, try to improve the security of your home by replacing the locks of your home and implementing security cameras. Also, install sensors or adopt a dog so you can get an alert if there is any unwanted activity. 

Are you having trouble with your door locks? Just contact The NYC Locksmith and have your problems solved. 

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